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Beckie’s Boys - VPD55

Beckie’s Boys - VPD55

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Beckie’s Boys - VPD55


Taken from Jean's antique paper collection, you can now reproduce books and games featuring little boys in uniform in a wonderful display box. This new project includes complete dimensions to build the wooden box, all the graphics shown to make 6 books, 3 masks, tickets, telegrams, money, and telegraph plus graphics for their display boxes, a ticket counter graphic and a decal and great graphic for the busy box lid. The dolls included were originally produced during the WW1 era and their head gear indicated which soldiers they were. We have updated their outfits a bit to include an Uncle Sam "Bo", a Bell Hop "Barnaby", a German Helmet "Benny", Blue/Yellow Cap doughboy "Baxter" and a two faced doll as a Japanese and Turk now called "Billy Bob". Ken Nordquist built the first box which is designed after an antique boys tool chest.

Also available... Beckie's Boys Box Accessories Kit (Link Below).

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