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French Candy Shop Candy Box - VPDJN128

French Candy Shop Candy Box - VPDJN128

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French Candy Shop Candy Box - VPDJN128


French Candy Shop Candy Box

My 12" tall "Confiserie" candy shop is actually able to be opened by lifting the top off an interior base box to hold candy. Originally produced in Paris, France in 1885 I have quite authentically reproduced this extraordinary display is a smaller size than the original which stands 17" high. The entire dimensions are 12"H x 9-1/2"W x 3-1/2"D with a doll 7-1/2" - 8" fitting within. Included are:

  • A complete supply list and instructions with 45 color photographic illustrations.
  • 4 pages on cardstock and parchment from which to create all items.
  • 4 different gold foil Dresden embossed borders to cover all edges of the Confiserie
  • 13 different box graphics to crease, cut, fold and glue. I show 10 in my photos.
  • 2 Counter top displays to hold 3 different candies each. Includes the see through acetate for the top.
  • Parchment printed 2 large images plus 62 candy bottle labels.
  • 2 die cut gold foil motifs to glue above and below the doll alcove.
  • All paper shown to cover the entire candy shop sides, base, etc. with a complete cutting layout guide.
  • Complete measurements for all other parts/sides to cut from black foam core board - OR - I sell an optional kit with all these precut for you for $20 plus shipping unless ordered with this kit. (Option Available Above)
  • Complete pattern for an 8" fashion doll proprietor.
You must provide your own doll, 2mm silk ribbon, fabric to create pattern and small beads to act as candy bottle tops.
 Bottles not included in base kit.  Available as an add on option and include 14 glass bottles like those shown in the project. Includes 8@3/4"H, 4@ 1"H, and 2@1-3/4"H.

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