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Vintage Groceries - VPD51

Vintage Groceries - VPD51

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Vintage Groceries - VPD51


Since we like to display our dolls in our showroom with props, and since a lot of those props include kitchen cabinets, and since many of them originally came with boxed food, we decided to duplicate these items for our own use. Then we thought, why not also offer them to our customers too. Not only will your dolly cabinets be more interesting, but if you like to make peddlar dolls these work very well for them too. There are basically three sizes for dolls 12" to 28" and their cabinets. Included are cardstock boxes of food for you to cut, fold, and glue together, perfectly sized can labels for you to create cans from wooden dowels 3/4", 1", and 1-1/4" diameter, and paper labels for miniature bottles and paper mache boxes. Complete instructions and resources are also included. We also have an assortment of little bottles to offer.

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